Family circles & name pendants

Are you looking for family circles  tree of life, name plates & tags or finger prints,  pendants brooches or bracelet. We have a comprehensive range in store that you can look at & feel we supply & custom make  all of these & more, High Quality Australian  made  heavy  gauge forged  plate,   Quality chains of your choice  in gold & or silver, engraved  gem set or plain. They may cost a little more than some, for good reason.We use trusted partners & we can make them ourselves

We know from experience take advantage of it. Value Assured

see catalogue of options here

or some others possibilities  here & here

or even here

family tree drop pendant with diamonds

A few images below


fingerprint ring pendant

name broochname necklace brooch pendant  monogram pendants

storage charm locket

family circle pendant  family tree circle mary mckillop australias saint medal charm pendant   family tree tag mens tree of life charm tree of life pendant charm saint christopher medal charm pendant guardian angel medal charm pendant medic alert medal charm pendant engraved name eternity bracelet family name circle bracelet heart charm bracelet engraved name bange eternity perpetual bracelet

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