G31433 Hanging Radiometer


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Hanging Radiometer

This unusual item is quality made in Germany.  It is a product called a “Hanging Radiometer” is made primarily of glass, and has a blue colouring.  It is designed to be a fun way to show the amount of light that currently exists, as the spinning effect increases in proprortion to the available light.

Dimensions: Approx 16cm drop and 8cm width.

The solar radiometer is also known as the light mill.  It is an educational and physical demonstration object that was invented in 1873 by the English physicist Sir William Crookes ( 1832–1919 ).

This small physical and technical miracle shows you in a clear way how sunlight is converted to energy.

The solar radiometer has become a technically interesting and entertaining object of modern living spaces and shows you at the window standing or hanging, every ray of sunshine through movement.

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