G32865 – “Esperienze” Glass Decanter


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“Esperienze” Glass Decanter

Glass decanter with wide base and tall neck. The distinctive ripples at the bottom of the decanter, facilitate swirling and oxygenation of the wine. These multiple layers also allow the entire range of colour of the wine to be seen, without needing to tilt the decanter.

The distinct shape of the decanter allows sedimentation and oxygenation of the wine. Slow, steady decanting of the wine separates the sediment, which removes the more bitter flavour of the wine (particularly useful for older wines). When the wine is originally poured into the decanter, it mixes with the oxygen to more quickly and efficiently develop the flavour (particularly beneficial for younger wines).

It measure 25cm tall, with a 73cm circumference at the widest point of the base.

A great gift for an anniversary, birthday or any special occasion, especially for wine-lovers. A great centre piece for a dinner-party or formal event.

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