Pre-Loved Ankh Cross Pendant

PRE-LOVED hand-made sterling silver gem-set ankh cross pendant. It measures 90mm long (incl. bail) by 50mm wide by 6mm high (excl. gem protrusion). The height of the pendant has been made up by a silver frame, helping to keep it lightweight whilst maintaining its size. The weight of the pendant is 25.2 grams.

A variety of coloured gemstones have been set across the textured surface. In order from top-to-bottom, left-to-right: 8x6mm oval Rhodolite garnet, 9mm round blue zircon, 9x7mm green sapphire, 8mm round red-brown zircon, 8x6mm blue sapphire, 8mm round blue zircon, and two 8x6mm oval, a 9x7mm oval and a 10x8mm oval andalusite.

The pendant is displayed on a five-strand cotton necklace with base metal fittings, measuring 45cm long plus a 5cm extender chain, which is complimentary upon purchase if desired.

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About the Ankh

The ankh is the hieroglyphic symbol for “life” or “breath of life” originating in ancient Egypt. It is associated with many Egyptian gods in paintings and inscriptions, and worn as an amulet.

Since it was an already well-established symbol of life, the ankh was an appropriate figure to be adopted into Christianity by the Coptic Christians of ancient Egypt. As other symbols of the old religion slipped away, the ankh retained its meaning of life and the promise of eternal life while taking on a new religious role.

Eventually, it lost the top loop to become the Christian cross we know today, and is carried by believers of the faith in the same respect the ankh was worn as an amulet in ancient Egypt.

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