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Are you looking for wedding bands to suite & fit  you, we have a comprehensive range in store to see & try on including gents rings in various styles – traditional, modern, unique,  using different  metals – gold, mokume, titanium, zirconium. we also have a range of shaped band samples to experiment with how they may look next to an engagement ring.  we can make jewellery to suite most budgets

Value Assured

Properly Fitted wedding bands are something only professional jewellers can do, this not only means the finger size it also means the comfort, durability, style, & how it fits with an engagement ring,  sometimes its simple others times it can be very challenging but it can always be done.

Made to match & compliment your engagement ring, Wedding bands traditional, modern, plain & fancy, Each model has many  variables,  metal type & colour, width & thickness, gemstones set

They Can be  Australian made, fine quality,  seamless (no sizing joins) pressed & forged leaving the metal in a hardened state.

We custom hand make fitted bands & we also use our customisation showcase    PWB  &  W&D    for many of our wedding bands see their website for inspiration on design & possibility, we also have many bands in stock A few shown below.


engraved_ring_musical notes  mokume11 mokume diamond set band4   roman numeral or other symbol inlaid bandchannel set princess round diamonds constructed riveted 3 band gents wedding ring F3615 FB2576   round & baguette diamond wedding band Overlay Ring machined diamond cut gold gents ring 2Tone Ring 2Tone Ring wave line mokume bangle  Exif_JPEG_PICTUREzirconium Tyre Tread Ring


 Fitted Bands

This is some examples of what might be possible when a uniquely shaped engagement ring requires custom fitted bands,  these are real pictures

fitted-tolkowski-band pink diamondshandmade band fitting under & through engagement ringhandmade art deco fancy split wedding bandshandmade ofset center fitted engagment & wedding ring heart shape diamond fitted-band fanning petals fitted-band sweeping curvessplit fitted wedding rings to suite antique engagment ring split fitted bands to contrast & compliment engment ring sensual curves fitted wedding eternity ring  baguette & princess cut fitted-bandsplit fitted bandspink diamond crown bandfitted-band3simple curved bandbaguette diamond fitted band



split fitted diamond set rings da467e5b-f57f-49bc-a57a-a28300c26df9 11144fb6-f2de-43f3-be84-a28300baf8a2 split fitted diamond set rings e5eeba26-a022-4b9e-b367-a26700f67a98  b928cfb4-a52c-4189-afb5-a29d00b46647 diamond set rings crown split fitted badae775-1af5-46aa-85c5-a2ab00e1e57c plain split fitted marquise points  b6baf359-89ba-46e2-b9ee-a19c011e0156 baguette fitted bands

It is important that the band fits properly Sometimes a simple adjustment on an engagement ring can make the world of difference.

Points to consider

The wearer, design, wear & tear, use, balance with other rings, budget, versatility, finger size, his & hers sets, comfort, maintenance.


CGI Computer generated images, you will find  everywhere in the web  the pictures are extremely clean & precise (unreal) the finished product will look at best very much the same, at worst  poorly finished & similar

The skill of the  jewellers  & quality of the production  (wax resin milling growing 3D printing  & casting) is a big factor

The comparison here shows an actual un-edited photo of a well made & finished  ring on the right & a CGI on the left,
photography & photo editing also plays a part



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