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Mokume Gane

Mo-KOO-may GAH-nay

Mokume is a metalworking technique that originated in Japan in the 1700s. The words translate to “wood eye metal,” which accurately describes the topographical patterns that appear when metals are twisted and forged using this process. Though the technique was initially developed for use in sword making, jewellery and hollow ware are the most common modern commercial applications of this method.

An Ancient Story

A Japanese craftsman is credited with the invention of Mokume Gane for embellishing samurai weapons and hilts. The process was only used in sword making until the 19th century. Changes in Japan’s political and social structure in the late 1800s saw the collapse of the caste system dominated by the samurai warriors.

They were no longer allowed to carry their katana (sword) in public so demand for these arms decreased. Metalsmiths then began transferring their skills to create more artistic products.

A Modern Story

Today Mokume Gane jewellery, flatware, hollow ware and art objects are created by layering precious and semi-precious metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, sterling silver and copper. The layers are bonded and deformed by rolling, forging, and twisting. A combination of punches, chiseling, and carving and surface abrasion exposes the beauty of the work:

Interesting & unique with an organic appeal.

Items made using this technique are custom hand made & the costs are similar to other hand made Items.

A little more than off the shelf standards but a whole lot more special

The pictures represent  a few of the possibilities

most mokume is custom made to order.    click here for items in stock

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unique mokume wood grain heart mokume bead a pair unique mokume wood grain metal rings mokume wood grain metal band gold edges mokume gane fitted wedding ring unique mokume bamboo 3 tone gold overay unique mokume gane wood grain princess cut engagement ringwood grain metal bracelet unique mokume tension set emerald diamond engagement ring unique mokume wood grain metal tags cuff links mokume wood grain precious metal  storage cylinder mokume gane unique mokume wood grain gold & coloured gem rings

mokume3 mokume diamond set 3 tone yellow gray rose mokume silver copper mokume mokume coarse grain with rails mokume8 mokume9 mokume10 mokume11 mokume12 mokume13

mokume14 mokume15




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