A watch is a timepiece, typically worn either around the wrist or attached on a chain and carried in a pocket. mechanical watchWrist watches are the most common type of watch used today. Watches evolved in the 17th century from spring powered clocks, which appeared in the 15th century. The first watches were strictly mechanical. As technology progressed, the mechanisms used to measure time have, in some cases, been replaced by use of quartz vibrations or electronic pulses. The first digital electronic watch was developed in 1970.

Before wristwatches became popular in the 1920s, most were pocket watches, which often had covers and were carried in a pocket and attached to a chain or fob.

Most inexpensive and medium-priced watches used mainly for timekeeping are electronic  with quartz movements.

Expensive collectible watches, valued more for their workmanship and aesthetic appeal than for simple timekeeping, often have purely mechanical movements and are powered by springs, even though mechanical movements are less accurate than more affordable quartz movements. In addition to the time, modern watches often display the day, date, month and year, and electronic watches may have many other functions,  that provide additional time-related features such as timers, chronographs and alarm functions are also common.

The study of timekeeping is known as horology.


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dress watches rose gold colourTimepieces whose components are the highest of Swiss quality, Classique watches possess a distinctive and unmistakable personality. Fashions may change, but Classique  retain that unique characteristic of ageless validity.  Classique’s wide range of include his & hers dress  (including the latest of European design), ladies fashion, solid gold, opal, marcasite, divers, chronographs as well as pocket and pendant watches.  All watches are manufactured using the highest quality of materials and are fitted with a Swiss quartz movement. A wide range of dials are available for most models to suit everyone’s taste.


Morellato Watch straps

Morellato’s Group, one of the most successful Italian companies, is among the top world players in the production of high quality watch straps. Thanks to an artisan tradition handed down from 1930, strengthened by constant investments in new materials, innovation and fashion trends, Morellato is the leading manufacturer of the Made in Italy watch straps. Discover the features that make us so unique.


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special functions guide

There are some simple precautions you can take to protect your watch from damage:

• When your watch battery is flat, have the battery changed promptly to avoid any battery leakage in the watch.

• Avoid placing your quartz watch near magnets. Be particularly aware of magnetic mattresses, medical wristbands and welders.

• Rinse your watch in fresh water after swimming in the ocean, turning the bezel (the ring around the watch face) at the same time.

• Ensure your screw crown is always done up. Never undo it underwater.

• Chronograph pushers should not be used underwater.

• Shorten your watch bracelet to the correct length to protect it from excessive wear.

• Avoid wearing bangles or bracelets near your watch to help protect the plating.

• Avoid spraying perfume on your watch.

• Store your watch away from direct sunlight. Excessive sun exposure can damage the watch luminosity and seals.

No element of men’s style combines fashion and function quite like the wristwatch. Nor does any other male accessory inspire such devotion and interest.

Nevertheless, in recent times there have been those who believed the watch had finally met its demise in the smartphone, and would fade away with other sartorial anachronisms like monocles and sock garters.

And yet the popularity of the wristwatch persists. To understand why, we need to understand the history of this timepiece, how its past continues to inform its present, and why a man might consider wearing a watch in the 21st century.

History of Wristwatches, Why Wear a Watch?, Wristwatches are functional and convenient., Wristwatches look good., Wristwatches signal status/personality., Wristwatches are timeless. Go here for expanded  information on these & more items of mens interest

Wristwatches feel good. Wristwatches not only look good, but they feel good too. Because of their historic associations with war and adventurous pursuits like racing, flying, and diving, no male accessory is quite as romantic and evocative as the watch. Not only do these associations signal things to others, but they signal things to yourself as well, about who you’d like to be and what you’d like to be doing. If the watch is an heirloom, it may remind you to carry yourself in a way that would make your forebearers proud.

It may sound silly to think a physical object like a wristwatch could alter your mindset a little, but it’s no different than the totems and talismans our primitive ancestors outfitted themselves with for luck, protection, and courage.

Man has always tried to master the elements, one of the primary ones being time. A watch gives you the sense of being in control of your precious hours and minutes; strap one on and you feel ready for your appointment with destiny. Or at least a meeting or date, which, hey, could very well change the course of your life.

Convinced to become a wristwatch wearer? Next week we’ll present the Ultimate Guide to Wristwatches and lay out everything you need to know about this classic timepiece.


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