Evolution – Simple Adjustments

Evolution – Simple Adjustments

Here is an example of a custom made ring that we have made. The customer picked it up and was happy with it. A few weeks later, after questioning whether or not he should come back and discus it, he did come back with some issues. Mostly, it was uncomfortable to wear,...

Can you believe it?!

A hollow wedding band (like a can, thin walled tube), A customer brought a wedding band from  multinational  chain store. A typical looking ladies classic band. The store did not have the finger size required, so the customer decided to buy it & have it resized....

Pulling my hair trying to work it out

Pulling my hair trying to work it out

Recently we saw a customer and showed them some stock. We demonstrated that we could make an engagement ring exactly as they wanted, to a price that suited. We spent time explaining the options, then,  followed up later to see if we could help them further - but no...

Quality – perfection vs Integrity

Should the integrity of an items structure be sacrificed to achieve "perceived  perfection".  As always there is compromise to be found. As an example, A small silver filled bangle, in which the gold layer is typically thin, provides far less tolerance for finishing...

TV shopping

The below story, whilst written for the US, is pertinent in Australia. I thought this article by Richard Drucker, publisher of The Guide and Gem Market News, was a really great reply to the Jewelry TV industry,  Excerpted from Gem Market News, May/June 2006, Richard...

Custom Showcase

All types of jewellery, diamonds, gemstones, and components to browse through that are made to order with live pricing and customisations See here

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