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We are a local company employing local people, supporting local events, paying taxes & contributing to the benefits of a local / Australian economy, we will support those who support us.

Businesses we Like and Support


We have just realised we have a lot of certificates of appreciation and thankyou cards not including events we have sponsored & not received any letters. We have added up the value of our giveaways = $28600


Singleton Showgirl/Ambassador 2011-2018

In 2018 we provided a total prize of $2000 worth of items of their choice + educational training about what one should know about jewellery and the winner may also borrow jewellery for special functions.

Singleton Art prize 2011-2017

Singleton Art Prize, sponsored by many local businesses large and small including us, the singleton rotary and many other contributors, that help make it one of the most outstanding regional exhibitions.

We sponsor the peoples choice award.

I spend many hours setting up a display of some of the things we do, which both promote us and add to the aesthetics of the exhibition.

For our Original Grain watch collection launch, as a thank you for purchasing, we had a Black Gate Whiskey & Hunter Beer Co. give away for Fathers Day 2018. located near Dubbo – Their spirits are made to drink neat which is not for the inexperienced, however, adding a little water or ice can bring out hidden flavours and tame the alcohol. Cask BG 022 was a first fill ex port cask; the spirit was made from Aussie pale malt that was lightly smoked in an old (converted) Ajax wool press. The malt was gristed, mashed and brewed on site before being double distilled in a direct fired copper pot still. located in Pokolbin – They make a large range of beers with a huge range of colours, aromas and flavours.


Little Bit of Italy in Broke

We hosted a display of glassware used for the tastings at this event and helped promote the experience.


 Outstanding Business Awards 2018

We attended the evening with Kerri-Anne Kennerley. The evening was strongly attended, enjoyable and well organised. We supplied a necklace, bracelet and earrings for Gill Eason amd Nickey Haley.

We also supplied the custom clocks for Milestone Awards – Singleton’s Lancaster Holden was recognised for 100 years of operating, the Bloomfield Group for 80 years and Witmore Enterprises for 60 years.

see story here



Design, Create & Make

We ran a design event through Facebook for users to choose their favorite gem and designs. We then made the winning design so people could see the process and results. We gave participant the opportunity to order the design at half price (which is a great deal) and was accepted.


Bridal Expo (2015)

Maitland Bridal Expo – held Sunday 24/05/2015. It took two days of of setting up and unpacking to create our display. We showed a huge range of wedding bands, the (now sold) Tolkowsky diamond-set tiara, and a small selection of the other services we offer.



Singleton Business Awards

With Kurt Fearnly as guest speaker, I (Scott) attended the awards in a show of support for the event to help promote local business.


Bridal Expo (2015)

Singleton Bridal Expo – held on a Sunday in March of 2015 at the Civic Center. We showed a display of a variety of our jewellery and giftware, and the services we offer.

bridal expo5bridal expo4


Football Tickets

We gave away tickets to the Knights vs Panthers at Hunter Stadium.


Wheeling & Able (2014)

We are so proud to have once again supported a wonderful local event.

wheeling & able


Coal Face Magazine

A competition that awarded $2000 toward something special for a special occasion.


Family Name Pendant Give Away

We gave away a die-pressed, Australian-made, silver family circle pendant with names engraved to one lucky Facebook follower.

family circle give away


Westpac Rescue Helicopter

Gift donation to trivia night.


A Day for Jacob

This event was created to raise much needed funds to help Jacob through his 5th round of Chemotherapy.

The event was to raise some funds to help a beautiful local family who, for the last 12 years, have been supporting their 12 year old son, Jacob, fight cancer.

Jacob was diagnosed at just 6 months of age with Bi-lateral Optic Nerve Glioma and had since undergone 32 treatments of radiation by age 5, 4 rounds of chemo (each of which last 12-18 months), and he is now in his next fight to beat a secondary cancer with another 12-18 months of chemo.

Over these years Heidi, Nigel, Jacob and his sister, Hannah, have raised over $50,000 for charities that have helped them along his journey.
For ‘A Day for Jacob’, we donated this $600 watch.



Outstanding Business Awards (2014)

We attended the evening as a group and won the award for Outstanding Manufacturer.



 Hunter Valley Gardens Bridal Expo

The Hunter Valley Gardens hosted its Wedding Fair to showcase its gorgeous wedding locations and a variety of wedding service providers like ourselves!



Singleton Rugby Club 

For the SRC’s ‘Lunch with a Legend’ fundraiser, we donated this excellent Classique Aviation-style Sports watch valued at $550.



Wheeling & Able

Once again supporting ‘Wheeling & Able’, for a fun day out shopping with extra discounts.


Singleton Amateur Jewellery Design Award

We hosted the Singleton Amateur Jewellery Design Award in which the Overall winner received an Eternity half carat, princess-cut diamond valued at $1900.00.

The age groups were: Primary school age (5-12), high school age (13-17) and adult (18+).

Each age group was rewarded with:

1st place – a $100 Hunter Jewellers gift voucher.

2nd place – a $50 Hunter Jewellers gift voucher.

3rd place – a $20 Hunter Jewellers gift voucher.


World Famous Diamond Collection (2012)

A showcase of masterpiece replicas of the world’s most famous diamonds. This collection was only display for a limited time in the June-July of 2012.

Famous for their colour, size and history, exhibitions have been shown around the world, presented with a full program and documentary, we were able to bring this exhibition to Singleton (after a lot of work and expense on our part).

To see the diamonds that have been replicated for this exhibition, you would have to travel to museums in America, England, France, Germany, Turkey, Iran and more – such as the Natural History Museum, Tower of London, Louvre Museum, the Smithsonian, and Green Vault of Dresden, to name a few. Some replicas are in permanent displays and the full collection travels.

Indeed, even that wouldn’t be enough, as some of the wonderful stones on display have been lost to history, such as the 90ct Nassak, the 140ct Florentine and the 242ct Great Table diamonds.



Pearl Extravaganza

An invitational preview with food and wine supplied by a local restaurant.

A comprehensive (the biggest collection most people will ever see) exhibition of pearl strands and jewellery that was hosted over the month of August.

This was a limited opportunity that was certainly not to be missed (and certainly wasn’t) to see, feel, try-on and learn about pearls. It was held in conjunction with one of Australia’s best and well-established pearl merchants, who has been dealing with growers and markets for decades, and is trusted by some of the best jewellers in Australia and internationally.

Pearls offer great value and style, they look and feel special. If looked after they retain great value, become family heirlooms, and are often worn by many generations for many special occasions.



Supported – ‘Totally Teal’ Cancer Fundraiser, and ‘Jump for Diabetes’


Supported – HMRI Medical Research Fundraising (2012)



Supported – ‘Carrot & Coffee Dog’  (2011)

Carrot & Coffee Dog Cross the Country raised funds for the Cancer Council and MS Australia traveling from Perth to Sydney on a restored, turn-of-the-century motorised push bike with Coffee (Carrot’s dog) on the back. We donated a pair of  antique riding goggles.


We donated a Traser watch valued at $1240 to fund-raise for the ‘Captain Courageous’ blood disorder research. This helped raise over $300,000.


Tanzanite Collection – Introduced 2011



HMRI (2011)

Roy King pendant and earring set was given to the HMRI for fundraising (2011). Along with many other contributors, we helped raise $24,000.


HMRI (2010)

This extravagant, Roy King necklace (currently only one of six in Australia) was given to the HMRI for fundraising (2010). Along with many other contributors, we helped raise $15,000.



Opal Collection – Introduced 2010



Our “Thank You Wall” showcasing the many letters of gratitude received from various fundraising events that we have supported and not had a chance to list separately.

community certificates


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