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We make sure Items are just right, custom made to suite you, from simply making simple adjustments making  sure items fit  work and look their best, through to completely designing and making one-of-a-kind precious pieces, we can supply everything you need and/or use your precious metal and gems. We do this in-store and using trusted partners. 

Low cost prototypes of a cad designs can be made first so you can be absolutely sure the design is what you or your partner wants. You can also view diamonds and gems before you buy them.

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For some design inspiration see Australian design awards 2017, 2014, 2012, 2010, 2008. also other awards here

family tree circlescustom made sapphire emerald cut diamond 18 ct gold braceletStargate Wedding Band

Custom Made

jewellery can be manufactured using a variety of methods, hand made & hand drawn computer generated & designed  hand made from this or computer aided manufacturing 3 D printing & casting, or ordering components & assembling as required, Below is an outline of the typical hand drawn & made process.

see Portfolio for more pictures of some custom made items

 First Preliminary Ideas, sketches,  we also use CAD CAM 3 dimension computer modeling to show exactly how an item will look even shown on a virtual hand  so you can see with perspective, with thousands of base model designs you can look through to get started see demonstration video here.

 counter sketch cad jewellery design home page

custom made CAD roman numeral symbol band insert CAD mens signet ring symbol insert engravingExif_JPEG_PICTUREbike club


First a few sketch of some design possibilities



then   detailed drawings of favorite with subtle variations   then   final choice  with fitted bands added in   then    finished ring









Custom made Process

Hunter Jewellers design and custom make precious pieces of jewellery watches fine gifts.
The process can take valuable time for you and us it is an intensive process. To help things run smoothly we have a few things to be aware of as you begin this journey. Work is done by various specialists and appointments are necessary during the various stages of the process. please let us know why & when you are coming etc. This will enable us to be prepared for your visit and will be of most benefit to you and us.
As a guide – the design phase is separate to the manufacturing phase & thus Your initial consultation which includes explanations basic CAD design weights measures & estimates on final cost is $50, if your design is more complicated, then additional service is at $15 per 10 minutes of CAD model building, eg Simple $50, average $200, complicated $600 plus manufacturing which has similar cost profile, Plus materials (metal & gems) if required.
If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Usually an initial conversation with our staff outlining what is wanted. & then a consultation with jeweller when required.

Sketches descriptions & estimates outlining the design concepts are usual & or pictures of like items. detailed artistic sketches are not a standard feature as they are time consuming & not required.

One off hand made items are a process as their are hundreds off variables, it is a process made in stages with alteration possible along the way.

As a rule of thumb 9 out of ten customers are happy with the first result of a custom made item, of the one in ten left, subsequent modifications satisfy most people, so approximately 1 in 100 people end up being not entirely satisfied with custom remakes this is very difficult to prevent or fix it is simply a matter of different perceptions & expectations. Please Make no assumptions if you have something specific in mind you must communicate this.

It is impossible to calculate & explain the exact properties of a one off finished item before it is made. Pricing thus can be done in 2 ways – 1. a fixed price we accept the risk of variables (we will benefit or lose depending on outcome ) you pay for certainty. or 2. a floating price (estimate is given perhaps a from too price, with an explanation of variables) you pay for what you get.

If an item is not what you expected you need to say so it can usually be remedied

Selecting an item already made is simple, you accept it as it is you are happy with it or not, it is Quick & easy

If you supply Gems & gold There is a 5-10% of the value of the items, surcharge added to the manufacturing cost, this is to cover the risks associated, with manufacturing, insurance, handling etc.

Custom made items are an adventure. Patience is required, with trust & hard work are ultimately satisfying

These below pictured items are a few items created using gems & gold supplied (old jewellery) with varying levels of design constraints & requests from using all & only materials supplied in an appealing /agreed design  To fairly broad unconstrained design

  Or Make your own

Do you have a creative streak ? Carve your own design with a special wax and have it reproduced in your choice of metal – gold, silver, or bronze. Create something simple or ornate The more you do the less it costs.

E.g. make your own wedding rings. Plain bands are quite simple & anyone should be able to do it.

Using Lost wax casting, this process is used by some of the best manufacturers, it has been done for hundreds of years in one form or another, It is used for one of a kind items & for mass production.

You simply carve, file, sand, melt the wax with basic tools until it resembles what you want, other materials can be used but will require extra processing

If you  require assistance or Finishing we can help.



These below pictured items are a few items created using gems & gold supplied (old jewellery) with varying levels of design constraints & requests, from using all & only materials supplied, in an appealing /agreed design, To fairly broad unconstrained design


handmade3   handmade8handmade1peridot pink diamond custom made ring rose & white gold

also see portfolio for many  more custom made items


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