A hollow wedding band (like a can, thin walled tube), A customer brought a wedding band from  multinational  chain store. A typical looking ladies classic band. The store did not have the finger size required, so the customer decided to buy it & have it resized. The staff of the multichain store knew this and said nothing to the customer about it being hollow. The customer has now brought the ring in to us for the re-size,  To our surprise discovered it is hollow and therefore, can not be resized. Not only can’t it be resized, it would get dented & damaged very easily with normal, everyday wear. Some things are OK hollow, but a wedding band –  that’s just wrong. A wedding ring is meant to last a lifetime and be wearable 24/7.

Sure it was cheap, but on a gold weight basis it was not. It was close to twice the price on a per gram basis, it was $80  where  a solid version would be about $220.

There is so much to be aware of, if you buy on price alone you will get burnt. Ask questions to fully understand what you are getting. That’s why we are here, we stand by what we sell – please take advantage of it.  I can understand not wanting to bother & for convenience when it’s a couple of hundred dollars but when your spending thousands its worth the effort  to cross the road.


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