Engraving Personalization

Engraving & Personalisation

Hunter jewellers performs a range of engraving services in store to decorate & or inform,  specializing in jewellery & giftware that we have in stock order or manufacture, we also do trophies & presentations which we can supply  from TCD others.


family tree circles

Customized name plates family tree circles, monograms & tags, Australian made high quality,  Catalog.

the best range of family tree & name circle designs in the hunter custom made to suite you

charmour family circles

more examples of personalisation even direct orders


Quality, precision, decorative, computer Engraving !

Make engraving a feature with, Poetry, decorations, Images, logo’s,  Customized to your needs, in size & style, we create & engrave in-store using diamond point or routed computer engraving, which can engrave on most anything.

Items purchased from hunter jewellers receive 30% off.M40-splash

As an indication of pricing

standard flat plaques from $15

Prices on flat items/giftware. from $29.

Prices on 3 D items giftware. from $39

Reduced prices available for quantity & or repeat jobs, E.G first item normal price second item 1/2 price or less. Price is affected by compelexity of the item, message design & layout, what if any changes are made between each item change.

Note – computer engraver does not do inside rings etc, Which would need to be done by hand. We only offer hand engraving on items bought here



Precious Metal Card

precious metal cards can be made in various sizes  & shapes, can be made in various metals polished or satin &  also be worn in different ways, at its simplest a pendant or cuff bangle. Write a short or detailed message with contact information

For business make a lasting & serious impression with valuable contacts.

For loved ones a precious keepsake &  point of interest with retained value

Write a short or detailed message with contact information

25gms Gold $1100

25gms Silver $ 230

Anodized aluminium $110

+ Engraving $30 to $150 depending on complexity

Custom Cuff

Custom Cuffs Inspired by the Ancients with a modern fashion sense. Originally worn to  protect  the wrists,  made from various materials in many styles, they became an Item of   adornment,  historically & in modern times by men & women.

To keep the value to you as high as possible, we have a simple & Attractive design method.  Using hardened & flexible precious metals  to stand the test of time, Made to suite narrow or wide in a matter of hours/days.

From – $150 silver,  $600 gold  determined primarily by the weight

+ Engraving $30 to $150 depending on complexity


Custom Clocks, an australian made range custom colours & custom printed dials, for all occasions like for business awards or home decoration

see here for some examples



engraving on brass instrumentengraving on glass fluteengraving on multi toolengraving of express yourself ringsil_570xN.243256275

engraved_ring musical notesIndiam motorcycle engraved custom ringcompany logo brooch gold or silverengraving on pocket watch

family crest ringfamily circlesfingerprint engravingemblem engravingadded engraving to cat garden ornament statue


engraved-model engraved-shapes engraved-monograms engraved-fingerprints


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