Recently we saw a customer and showed them some stock. We demonstrated that we could make an engagement ring exactly as they wanted, to a price that suited. We spent time explaining the options, then,  followed up later to see if we could help them further – but no response. Now, some months later, he comes to us to help him try & sell  a ring bought from a multinational chain that is not wanted. The ring was RRP $5999 discounted to $3999. We would have sold the same item for $3000 at our normal recommended sales price. Surprise! the multinational chain would not take it back or help the customer. So now we are left to try & help which could take months or years with a significant loss. If it was purchased from us we could have given a full credit.

I do not believe this is an  isolated or rare occurrence.Over the years we have become aware of a few of these scenarios, not to mention the ones we do not become aware of. Given the amount of items we sell, compared to the volume of new items we see coming in needing some kind of support service applied to make the item just right, that the multinationals can’t .

So why buy from multinational chain instead of local professional store that contributes locally, gives an equal or better product & service ??? Because it was discounted,  convenience, lack of understanding.   Obviously we are doing something that’s not working. We have been scratching our heads, making efforts to improve. Help us understand so we can improve ourselves as well as help people avoid falling into their trap.

Please give us some feedback.

These pictures illustrate the difference between rings one is half the price of the other we have both in stock to cater to different requirements. The one one the right is a higher grade whilst the one on the left is a lower or average grade (Average – what you would typically get at a multinational chain store) both rings have a similar diamond total diamond weight. BE AWARE.

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