Should the integrity of an items structure be sacrificed to achieve “perceived  perfection”.  As always there is compromise to be found.

As an example, A small silver filled bangle, in which the gold layer is typically thin, provides far less tolerance for finishing & removing minor marks, in particular the join.  The marks  if left in place ultimately would not be noticeable after it has been worn for a short  while, The wear & tear would become a part of the minor imperfections.

The marks can be removed at the outset but would result in making the gold layer thinner & potentially exposing the under layer. This is particularly likely in small silver filled items with a wire thickness of a couple of millimeters, the gold layer would be measured in 10ths of millimeters. Whilst manufacturers may remove these marks to simply avoid any complaints/questions, it is ultimately not Ideal. If a join could be made that is perfect with no need of finishing then it would be fine to expect perfection, but currently the technology/methodology does not exist for this form of production of silver filled  items.

Think of these 2 scenarios which would you prefer
1. bangle made & supplied with join finished so no noticeable join or minor marks, This is achieved by sanding & polishing  making the gold layer  thinner at the join in particular & other places where minor imperfection may be removed.  
There is an inevitable loss of material no mater how careful. Gold plating is typically applied when finished to cover the solder colour & any areas where silver may have come through, If the aim is to have a perfect finish this is what happens.
2. make & finish the bangle without  excessive sanding & finishing, In fact, leaving a little excess solder at the join so as not to make gold layer thinner, This  has a stronger join, but leaves a very small bump that can be barely seen or felt. An imperfect finish maintains integrity of gold layer & will be stronger & last longer

note – this is not such an issue with quality solid gold items, but can be as much of an issue with any thin lightweight low cost items.

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