A15450 Grandfather Clock


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Grandfather Clock

The clock was bought in Germany in the 1940’s (approx. 1948) by Mr. Proud (of Proud’s Jewellers). The current owners grandfather had also wanted to buy the clock, and it was agreed that if it didn’t fit into Mr. Proud’s house, the grandfather would buy it from him. Needless to say, the clock didn’t fit into Mr. Proud’s house and has been in the current owners family ever since. (In store on consignment).

The grandfather clock was built in the Black Forrest, South West Germany, (Black Forrest clocks are known for their hand carved finishes and high quality clocks), but has F.W. Elliott working, (F.W. Elliot is a name associated with precise time keeping and quality clock making for over 100 year).

A 9 Tube, mechanical, three chimes – Westminster,    St. Michael and Whittington plus a silent mode. (A tubular chime grandfather clock has a very rich sound that is deeper and holds on longer than chime rod mechanical clocks )

Northern hemisphere moon phase.  (The moon phase will be the same in the Southern hemisphere, but reading it on the clock will be “up-side-down”).

Standing at  just over 8 feet tall this clock.

Collect in store only.

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