G35789 Kangaroo Necklace


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Kangaroo Necklace

Sterling silver belcher chain with Kangaroo pendant.

Dimensions: Chain: 45cm long, 2.5mm wide. Kangaroo: 14x19mm

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Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Macropus giganteus, is a marsupial mammal that belongs to a small group called macropods. They have hind legs that are larger than their forelimbs. Their hind feet are also large and powerful. The Eastern Grey Kangaroo is an iconic marsupial mammal. They live in mobs of 10 or more in a home range of up to 5km in eastern Australia.

Males: body length to 1.3m, tail to 1m; females: body length to 1m, tail to 0.84m.

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